Facebook Experiment: Social Networks can alter your mood

Here we have new interesting research carried out by Facebook. Facebook carried out an experiment back in 2012 where it tested change in people’s mood with the type of news and stories that were displayed on their news feed. They picked up 689,000 users randomly and carried out experiments to find out how they react when different types of stories were displayed on their News feed. The company used specially designed software to separate positive and negative words used in posts and put them in two different categories.

facebook experiment

After this Facebook played with the News feed of the people and showed mostly positive and negative posts to find out how people react. The researchers involved in this experiment revealed that emotions changed with the type of posts that were displayed in the news feed. It was concluded that there is no direct communication on the social networks but still the stories displayed on the news feed can greatly influence the emotions of the people.

In this entire experiment, people who were shown positive stories on the news feed posted positive posts and vice versa. Now you might consider it a breach of privacy. Well, according to Facebook there was no human involvement. This experiment was carried out with the help of software and machines. And now no need to get angry as you already agreed to be a part of experiments at the time of signing up to improve the social network.

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  1. Now this is very interesting research. I do feel that it effects our emotions at times

  2. For a second I got pissed off because thought theu might have breached into my privacy but then I read everything was carried out with machines. But still WTF!!!

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