3 Best Cloud Storage Applications

cloud storageIn past we have seen many difficulties in storing our huge data either on server or on our own personal computer. How hard it would be for us to live with it? As time changes, we see how our data is now easily stored, accessed and synchronized to all our devices just by using cloud storage. Yes we are talking about cloud storage

What is cloud storage? Any idea?

In plain words, it is a service which facilitates us to store our data in cloud, it basically manages your data on internet, and whenever you need your data it is always available for you.

Let’s see how it works?

Today everyone use computer, cell phone, tablets etc. suppose you capture some photos by your mobile phone and you may want to transfer them to your laptop? So how you can do this, either you can use Bluetooth or manually transfer the data by using data cable or by some other means of transferring. But can we get rid of this old fashioned method. Yes we can here cloud storage services works. We just need to place our data on cloud and then you can access them buy any device. The greatest benefit from cloud storage is, the data is save on internet severs not on your own computer or the device you are using.

Well you might be thinking of the advantages here are some…

The data on cloud is always protected, in case of your device is stolen and you would be wondering that my data is lost, but by using cloud you do not need to worry just buy new device and access your data. Similarly if your phone has low memory card then it also helps you out there.


Drop box

Drop box is especially built for IT users or business dealing people. It is simple in nature you can share all your data with all the connected devices, you can say that you can share your data with your working group plus you can comment on someone’s works and you get notifications when a file changes. Initially it offers 2 Gega bytes (Gb) space.

How it works?

Basically it creates a virtual folder on all your connected devices. Once you put a data on any device’s drop box it is synchronized with all of your connected devices.

It is best to adopt when a group of colleagues are working on a project and they need to shared files to a secured place, here it works.

Google drive

Google has made our life more comfortable it offers us Google drive application which provides us 15 (Gb) for storing space. It is just like drop box but it has some extra features like, built in office, suite, I mean where you can edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

In the android version of Google drive you can even edit your photos directly moreover you pictures are organized according to date and location.

Sky drive also known as one-drive

Skydrive is an effort by Microsoft .It works like drop box, but it offers you 7 (Gb) free storing space. It also works closely with office apps, like word or power point. Its best use is when you use window devices and you also use Microsoft  other apps like words or power point or photo app it serves you best here.

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