RIP Orkut: Google Shuts Down Orkut After 10 Years

Days when social network started to become popular among the people, when started to gain popularity there was a somewhat a popular social network; the Orkut. This social network was widely used in India and Brazil and was unable to create among people from other parts of the world during its 10 years tenure.

At this point when other services of Google like Google+, YouTube and Blogger are doing pretty well; Google has finally decided to shut down its 10 years old and not so popular social network. Though it will be officially closed on 30th September of this year but from today no new registrations will be accepted.

Google shuts down orkut

Unfortunately, Google has not announced any possible integration of the Orkut with Google+ and this is quite disappointing for the people who actively used Orkut. However, you can still get your Orkut data using Google Takeout but regrettably it only allows you to fetch limited data in a zip file.

However, Google has planned to keep the Orkut communities created by users in the form of archive. If you wish to leave the community then you can completely remove orkut from your Google account and this will remove you from those communities as well.

This social networking site was started back in 2004 and now after 10 long years Google has decided to shut it down. The major reason being the lack of interest from people and Google plans to focus on Google+ to make it better.

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  1. It was my very first social network Ii feel very sorry :(

  2. Orkut you will not be missed at all because we have better social networks than you 😀

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