Disable Touchscreen on your Windows 8.1 Laptop

In this article we will share a very simple step by step guide to disable touch screen on your windows 8.1 laptop.

Why Disable the touch screen?

Now this is a pretty good question. Here are a couple of reasons which might answer your question.

  1. Disabling the touch screen on your surface pro tablet will not be a good idea because it is the only and primary source of input. But when it comes to laptops touch screen is not your primary source of input. Most of the people use keyboard and mouse to input data on a touch screen laptop. So, it is better to disable the touch screen and get a better battery life.
  2. Or may be you do not use the touch screen at all and unintentional touches to the screen annoys you.

The above mentioned reasons are valid enough to let you disable touch screen your windows 8.1 laptop.

How to Disable Touch Screen?

So, here is step by step guide which will enable you to disable touch screen on your windows 8.1 laptop.

  • Right click on “This PC” (computer icon) on your desktop then go to properties. On the left hand side panel you will find device manager. Go to device manager from this panel.
  • Now select Human Interface Devices from device manager.
  • Now look for all the devices with words “Touch Screen“. In this below image you will find HID-compliant touch screen.

disable touc screen on windows 8.1


  • Now right click on it. Find disable option and select it to disable the touch screen.

So, this how you can disable touch screen on your windows 8.1 laptop. If you want to enable it again then follow the same steps and select enable in the last step instead of disable.


Source: WPCentral

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