How to Change Font on Android?

If you are following us then you should know that we are discussing a lot about Android smartphones and their ability of customization. We have covered a number of articles on Android customization in our How-to section. If you have missed any then it is highly recommended to check out our How-to section because you will find some great tips and tricks related to your smartphone.

Today we are here with yet another very interesting and handy article related to Android customization. Let’s talk about font style on your smartphone. Are you bored with the default font on your smartphone and want to change font on android phone then here’s our simple and handy guide which will offer a more pleasing effect to your eyes by changing font on your android smartphone.

Change Font on Android Smartphone:

We all know the level of customization offered by Samsung in its smartphones especially the high end smartphones. However, now other companies are also following the footsteps of Samsung and offering similar customization. It was Samsung who first offered ability to change font on android followed by LG and now other manufacturers are also offering the similar customization feature.

So, here’s what you can do to change font on your android smartphone.

  1. Go to settingsChange font on  Android
  2. Now go to display option. Scroll down and look for font style optionChange font on Android
  3. Click on it and use the font you like or download new fonts

Simple isn’t it? Now what if your smartphone does not have the font style option and does not have this customization feature?

Change Font on Android with 3rd Part Launchers:

Well, if you are not lucky enough to get this customization feature from your smartphone manufacturer then do not worry you can still change font using some 3rd part launcher. Yes, 3rd party launcher offers a plethora of customization; even more than what your phone manufacturer offer. So, switch to some other launcher and change font on you phone. The best in the list is Go Launcher.

So, you know now how simple it is to change font on android smartphone. Keep reading our blog as we will more interesting tips and tricks for you.

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