Easy Backup offers Easy way to Backup your Data

It is indeed a real pain in ass when you lose all your saved data while flashing or resetting your Android smartphone. It is not only about the pictures, messages and emails. It is also about the data of the applications you have installed on your device. If you are hardcore gamer and love to play games on your smartphone then you should know how it feels to lose all your game progress just after flashing or resetting your smartphone.

How to Backup Data?

Well there are multiple ways which you can adapt to backup your data just before resetting your smartphone. Most of the people prefer to transfer their entire files to laptop or computer. How annoying this is? Whiles others prefer to backup their data on dropbox. What if you do not have a fast internet connection? And let’s be relaistic you cannot store the data of your applications on Dropbox. Then how should one backup data?

There’s no rocket science just head to Playstore and download Easy Backup. The name of this application says it all “Easy Backup”. It offers you an easy and useful way of backing up your entire Android phone data. From photos to application you can backup everything using Easy backup and once you are done with resetting or flashing you can restore the entire data using the same application.

How Does Easy Backup Work?

Easy Backup works just like any other installed application on your smartphone. You just need to download it from Playstore and then install it. Follow the onscreen instructions and it will do the rest for you. Using this application you can not only backup your Android settings but also the data of your applications. Those days are when you used to lose data with every reset. Now you have Easy Backup which create backup for you on your request.

Easy Bbackup

Easy Backup
Select applications for which you want to create backupwith Easy Backup.

The best thing about about this application is that it creates backup for every application separately and  all backups are created on micro SD card so there’s no chance of loosing your data even after resetting your smartphone.

Can I Restore Data with Easy Backup?

Easy Backup not only allows you the freedom to create backup but also allows you the option to restore the backup as soon as you are done with resetting your Android Smartphone. All in all it is a great application which will help you whenever you decides to flash, reset or sell your Android phone.

So head to Playstore now, download Easy Backup and create backup of your data now.

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