Wiper – A Highly Secured Messaging Application

You must have used and heard about WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber and many other messaging application.  You might think that all these messaging application are quite secured when it comes to your privacy. Well, they might not be as secured as they claim to be. To be honest they are not secure at all, anyone can access your messages or take screenshots of the messages. This put your privacy at risk and we are sure no one would like this. So, today here we are with a detailed review of a new Android messaging application which is better than all the above mentioned applications.


Wiper is a new messaging application which offers features similar to other messaging applications but is highly secured. This application has set a new level when it comes to privacy and it recon as one of the most highly secured messaging applications available on Playstore.

Wiper has a plethora of new features which you will not find in any other messaging application. So. here’s list of features.

Features of Wiper:

  • Send messages privately to your friends
  • Wipe messages from a friend’s phone
  • Make HD voice calls to your friends
  • Get Notification if your friend tries to take screenshot of your chat
  • Make calls and send text messages at the same time

What Makes Wiper Better?

Wiper is more than a messaging application. It allows you to maintain your privacy. It allows you the best voice call experience than any other applications out there. It allows you to send messages and make calls at the same time unlike other messaging applications available out there.

So, if you are looking for a highly secured messaging application with the best voice call experience then Wiper is the application for you. Wiper is available free of cost on Playstore. So, head to playstore and download Wiper now!

Download Wiper

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