LeanDroid: The Best Bet to Save Battery

The basic issue with Android devices is battery life. The operating itself is not properly optimized which results in the draining of battery within no time. And these days smartphones are coming with non-removable batteries which make it impossible to have a replacement battery along with you.

So, what should one do in order preserve the battery life of Android smartphone? Well, OS may not be properly optimized but there various developers in Android community who are working on making this operating system better and better. Though there are many battery saving applications. Thanks to developers community. However, there’s one application which has proved to be very effective battery saving application. Yes, we are talking about LeanDroid. This application has proved time and time again that it is the best saving application available on Playstore.

How LeanDroid Works?

LeanDroid is basically a very simply application with a very simple user interface. However, you will find a number of battery saving options which you can use to tweak your Android phone battery. This application allows you to control the usage of WiFi, Edge, 3G and 4G. Thus allowing you to save some juice. This application is available free of cost on Playstore. So, go, download and try this application now.

Download LeanDroid


The good thing about this application is that it learns from your activities and tries to adjust accordingly. We tried this application on our LG G2 and HTC Oone M7 and we were greatly impressed with the way LeanDroid performed. This application gave us 4 to 5 hours extra as compared to what we get normally.

We rate this application highly and we would recommend you try out this application if you are not getting enough battery juice.

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