Instagram Messaging App Bolt is now Available in Selected Countries


We have been talking about Instagram Messaging App Bolt and controversy involving this new instant messaging application for quite some time now. Finally, this application is now available on both IOS and Android. However, it is available in selected countries. Bolt is a new instant messaging application which basically works on the idea of “tap and send” and allows users to chat by sending photos and videos with a single tap.

This application allows you to tap on the contact and either send a photo or video. Swipe on the photos you have received and it will not save them on your device. In fact they will be deleted. Tap on the name of your friend to start a personal chat to ensure that chat stays personal.

It was believed that Instagram Messaging App Bolt is based on the idea of Snapchat and will directly target it but what we feel is that it applications is more like TapTalk. So, it looks like that Bolt will replace TapTalk while Slingshot will stay there and target Snapchat as it was intended at the time of its launch.

Bolt is only available in South Africa, New Zeland and Singapore for both IOS and Android. So, if you are from any of these countries then you can try out this application. If you have already tried it then let us know how does Instagram Messaging App Bolt performs in the midst of other similar applications.

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