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Nokia 3310 – The Unbreakable

Nokia 3310 unbreakable

Most of us out here must have owned the most popular Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 was not only the best smartphone of its era but also the toughest and most durable. Take it from us, it is still the most toughest smartphone out there! So, here we are giving the tribute to Nokia 3310 – The unbreakable.    

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iPhone is Threat to National Security: Chinese Media

iPhone Track

According to Chinese Media CCTV, the ability of iPhone to track the location of an individual actually puts National Security at risk. According to Ma Ding, director of the Institute for Security of the Internet at People’s Public Security University in Beijing, the location tracker in iPhone can gather some critical information which poses threat to the national security. Ma Ding …

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Disable Touchscreen on your Windows 8.1 Laptop

Asus Transformer Book

In this article we will share a very simple step by step guide to disable touch screen on your windows 8.1 laptop. Why Disable the touch screen? Now this is a pretty good question. Here are a couple of reasons which might answer your question. Disabling the touch screen on your surface pro tablet will not be a good idea …

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Nokia Lumia 930 Comes with Easy to Fix Display Issue

Nokia Lumia 930

Few days we updated our customers with the availability Nokia Lumia 930 in US. Though not officially but still you can get it through online retailers. Nokia Lumia 930 comes with 2 GB RAM, 1080p AMOLED display with Nokia’s exclusive clear black display and Snapdragon 800 quadcore processor. Those who bought Nokia Lumia 930 were surprised to see that their brand …

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Customize YourLG G3 with LG G3 TweaksBox Xposed Module

LG G3 TweaksBox

Having an Android smartphone is a bliss indeed as it offers you a lot of customizations. At present Android holds around 70% of market shares and this is mainly because of its customizable nature. Once you have the root access you can not only customize your device but you can also boost up the performance of your Android device by …

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Change Boot Animation of Motorola Device

motorola boot services

A boot animation is basically an animation displayed on the screen while your smartphone is booting. Every manufacturer and operating system has it own boot animation which you can quite easily customize. Though iPhone and windows phones might not offer you an option to change the animation but Android being highly customizable offers you the freedom of changing the boot …

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5 Rules for Texting to People for Professional Dealing

Android L Keyboard

Text messaging is the simplest and fastest way of communication. Even if you are a part of some company text messaging can help you in saving your ass. If you are going to be late for some business meeting you can just send a message “I will be 5 minutes late for the meeting”. Well, in professional dealing there are certain …

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Apple’s new A8 SoC might break the 2 GHz Barrier

Apple A8 Chipset

We have a  number of Android devices which have broken the 2 GHz clock speed barrier. But the Apple’s highly advanced A7 chipset based on 64 bit architecture is still roaming around the 1.4GHz mark. Though clock speed does not matter a lot to most of the people out there but still it has some effect on the overall performance …

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HTC E8 and HTC Desire 616 Finally Launched in India

HTC Desire 616

HTC E8 a variant of HTC M8 is finally launched in India. HTC E8 did pretty well in China and for the fact HTC was able to sell around 50,000 units of HTC E8 within 15 minutes. This is in itself  a great achievement for the company. HTC E8 is basically somewhat trimmed down version of HTC M8 as it comes …

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