Quit Microsoft China and Get Nokia Lumia 630

With Microsoft dumping Nokia X project, the software giant decided to let go off around 18,000 employees. This decision of Microsoft was criticized by lot of people including media and now another absurd decision is under criticism. According to latest news, Microsoft China is sending out emails to its employees emails and asking to quit the job and in return they will get Nokia Lumia 630. How amazing this retirement plan is?

Microsoft is giving out Nokia Lumia 630 to all those Chinese workers who are willing to quit the job. According to the report, this offer is valid for 300 workers willing to quit everyday and this offer will be applicable on the basis of first come and first serve. Well, this sounds quite disgusting especially the fact that company like Microsoft is offering such a lame offer to its employees to quit the job. One thing should be noted here that Nokia Lumia 630 only costs $130 in the local market and it is by no means a good package.

Microsoft has refused to comment on this. And as of now we do not know the exact number of people who will lose their jobs due in China. Are you willing to quit your job just for a smartphone?

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