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Best Islamic applications:

Nowadays people are crazy after new applications. The cool interface and helpful information given by these apps compel us to download them. As far as games are concerned they are entertaining but now we have some good Islamic apps which are really helping us to build a true Muslim heart inside us. I have compiled a list of some best Islamic applications which will definitely give us a way to acquire knowledge about Islam. Let’s start.

Mini pro

Mini Pro - Best Islamic Applications

Mini Pro tops our list of best Islamic applications. Mini pro’s beautiful white and green icon displaying a mosque having a crescent and a star over its top, it looks like it is a Pakistani App but it is not. This app is being widely used; it tells us the accurate calls for prayer (Azan) and prayer time. Not only that if you ever face any trouble to find the Qibla location this app will be there to help you. It also informs us about hijri dates, Halal restaurants and mosques. More importantly through mini pro we can read Quran in eighteen different languages including Urdu.

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Iquran lite

IQuran Lite - Best Islamic Applications

How can we miss out on IQuran Lite in our list of best Islamic Applications. Iquran lite is especially made for those who seek word by word translation of Quran. Its interface is quite good and simple. In addition to that we have color coded tajweed, you can even bookmarks ayats or surats for later. Moreover it also offers you audio playback and repeat function for those who want to memorize a verse etc.

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Scholars of Islam

Scholars of Islam - Best Islamic Applications

We as a young generation always need motivation which clicks our mind to wake up again and continue our resume journey, for that this app is the best. This app let you have motivational quotes from some of the prestigious scholars. You can search a scholar by typing its name, it also displays you the mini biography of the scholars. Moreover you can favorite a quote and save your scholar in your favorite list. This is certainly one of the best Islamic applications and is only available for iPhone as of now.

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Muslim kid series: Dua

For those people who have short term memory problems or they cannot remember duas for specific occasions like, what to recite when you enter in your house, what to recite when you finished your meal, what to recite when you go for a dinner at your friend’s house, so these tiny events and their specific duas are hard to remember but this app will make your life easy. It is also available in Arabic, English and Indonesian language.

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Sahih Muslim

Muslim Kid Series

Here is another application in our list of best Islamic applications. After Quran we Muslim seek guidance through Hadith which are the holy sayings of Prophet (P.B.U.H), today you see everyone is busy in his life and we do not get any free time to open a book and read, even we don’t read our course books , but this app has cut our work load. It has a beautiful interface, and it has a wide range of topics for instance prayer, Hajj, zakat etc. It also saves the last reading position when you exit.

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These were some best Islamic applications try them and have fun. Did we miss any other brilliant app? Tell us in comments.

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