Swing Copters Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Most of you have played Flappy Bird and must be aware that it was one of the most difficult games available on the playstore. The developers of Flappy Bird has come up with another game Swing Copters which is as difficult as Flappy bird. But today we will share some Swing copters tips and tricks which will help you to set new high scores in the game and challenge your friends. Sounds interesting, right? So, keep on reading this article.

Focus on your Copter:

First and the most important swing copters tips and tricks is that at the start of the game you should only focus on your swing copter. I know swinging hammers can be distracting but it is important that you should solely concentrate on handling your copter. Once you have got the momentum and pass through few gates then it will be easy for you to handle the game with increasing difficulty with every passing second.

Swing Copters Tips and Tricks

Target the Swinging Hammers:

Now once you have got the enough momentum and control over your copter then it is important that you should start targeting and focusing on the hammers. I know this sound quite weird but it is an important key to success. Keep an eye on the hammer and as soon as it start swinging outwards you should move your copter towards it and the moment you reach their hammer will start moving to the other side. So, in this way you will be able to pass through the gates with great ease. Simple, isn’t it? Take it from me it is one of the most important Swing Copters tips and Tricks and if you follow it with perfect timing then you will do great in the game.

Keep it to the left:

As soon as game starts you will automatically be moving towards the right side. So, be vigilant and keep your copter to the left otherwise you will fail. Moreover, you should know the higher the swing is the difficult it is to control. So, instead of tapping your screen furiously make sure to tap it once or twice. This will give you more control over your copter and will allow you to progress in the game with great ease.

Forget the Laws of Physics:

Let me tell you one of the most important Swing Copters tips and Tricks; FORGET THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. It seems that the developer of Swing copters does not like the laws of Physics too much that’s why the game is far from reality. Your copter will not fly as you would expect it to. So, it is important that you should forget the laws for time being and focus on Swing Copters tips and tricks we shared with you.

If you have some more interesting Swing Copters tips and tricks then share with us in comments.

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