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A look at Best IOS RPGS 2014

Bastion Best IOS RPGS 2014

What does Best IOS RPGS 2014 Mean? Actually RPGS are role playing games where a person assumes fictional character in the game and plays the game accordingly. These games are quite popular as they keep the interest of the player throughout the game. These games include both strategy and action based games. So, here we are with our list of …

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Best Android Free Games to Download

Clash of Clans Android Free game

Android is quite popular among people mainly because it offers a lot of free application on Playstore. There are approximately 1.5 million applications on the Playstore. These applications include free games, productivity applications, multimedia apps and much more. If you love playing games and you own an Android smartphone then you can get a number Android free games from the …

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Apple iPhone 6 Leaked by Chinese Telecom

iPhone 6 image

Apple has failed to iPhone 6 under a close lid. We have already received numerous leaks and rumours related to iPhone 6 and now we know how the new iPhone will look like. Well, we may not be 100% sure but the rumours has already revealed 60%-70% of iPhone 6 specifications and features. But still the level of curiosity and …

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QMobile Noir A8i Review: Wisely Priced

QMobile A8i Review

We have covered detailed reviews of different  QMobile smartphones. There is no doubt QMobile is one of the leading smartphone manufacturer in Pakistan and this company has managed to establish a good reputation in the market. So, here we are once again with our detailed QMobile Noir A8i review. QMobile Noir A8i Review: Connectivity: QMobile Nore A8i is low end smartphone …

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Security Hack can Force iPhone to Make Costly Calls

iPhone security breach

One of the developer has found that a very simple security breach can cause your iPhone to make expensive calls without your permission. This security breach is designed very interestingly. As soon as you visit some website, it reaches your wallet and makes a very expensive phone call without letting you know. This new security breach has put a question …

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How to Backup Android?

Backup Android Photos

If you have a smartphone then you must be aware that there are possibilities of losing and breaking your smartphone. Therefore, it is very important to backup Android smartphone data. Backing up data will ensure that your data stays safe no matter what happens to your smartphone. If you have made the backup of your Android data then even if …

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Why 64 Bit Android Processor is Best Thing to Happen?

Android L 64 bit

We already have 64-bit processor technology in our computers and laptops for few years now. And now finally this technology is making its way to our smartphones. Tegra K1 Denver, Snapdragon 808 and  Samsung Exynos 6 are few 64 bit processors which will soon make their way to our smartphones. 64 bit Android processors are way ahead of 32 bit Android processors from …

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Press Image of Moto X+1 Leaks Out

Image of Moto X+1

Motorola is all set to unveil Moto X+1 next month at IFA. Just before the official announcement we have received leaked press image of Moto  X+1. Thanks to eveleaks for posting this image. This is in fact a token of good gesture from his side as he has already announced retirement. Though this press image of Moto X+1 does not …

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