APK file and its installation

Android phone users are everywhere, and it is quite possible that being an android user you may have heard of an Apk file. If not then you might be wondering what an Apk file is and why we use them.

Actually APK files are used to download those applications or games precisely which are actually leaked before their official launching. It sounds good to have something before its actual release. Now we are going to discuss how to download them and how can we install them.

Why should I install Apk file?

Before discussing about Apk files downloading and installation I would like to give some supporting arguments as I threw some limited light over Apk file but it is not enough so here we see some other benefits.

  1. You can have apps or games before their actual release.
  2. What about banned apps? Yes you can also have them by download their Apk files.
  3. Google updates demands a sufficient time to reach your phone or tablet via over the air update. You can cut this frustration by using Apk file which allows you to get through the barriers.

By using computer

There are many platforms from where you can download Apk files, but I am deliberately mentioning this to choose a source which is reliable or you can trust. Why I am saying this because some Apk files have some malicious software like malware. So it is best to keep in mind this, second thing is before downloading make sure that you have read some reviews so that you will not have any doubt about the source. As far as source is concerned I thing http://www.xda-developers.com/ is a safe place to download Apk files.

The second step

You found your desired Apk file place it at any place where you can access it easily like desktop. After that before further proceedings make sure that your phone has allowed installation of third party applications.  You can do this by going in to settings and then in security and then ‘’unknown sources’’.

Now connect you phone with your computer, a notification will be prompted and ask you to simply charge your phone or do you want to connect to media device. Go for media device now go to my computer and find your phone’s folder; now place the Apk file you have downloaded into a folder of your choice in your smartphone app. After this you simply do what, you find the APK file you tap it and you will see the install notification.

My browser

Downloading Apk file through computer should not be your only hope, you can also download them by simply through your browser, and here are the steps.

  1. Find your Apk file download it
  2. Once it is done, open your folder named “downloads”
  3. Click on .apk file, say yes to install and here you are installing Apk file on your device

I just tried to give you a brief understanding of Apk files, there is a lot more.  Experience it and have some fun.

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