5 Million Gmail Accounts Leaked on the Internet

If you are on the Internet then there is an ever increasing threat to your privacy. The world of Internet is not as safe as we consider and it poses a potential threat to our privacy. One such incident of invading online privacy took place yesterday when a Russian Hacker claimed to have at least 5 million Gmail accounts with passwords.

Gmail Accounts Leaked

The situation got worse when he leaked the Gmail accounts and passwords on the Internet. This was indeed a huge and alarming leak as it also includes details of some Pakistani Gmail IDs. This has created various concerns among the people regarding their online privacy. So, people from all over the world should be now more concerned about the security of their Gmail accounts on the Internet.

How to Keep your Gmail Account Safe?

This latest leak has raised many eyebrows over the security of Gmail accounts. Experts have suggested to go for the two step account verification. In order to enable two step account verification you will have to add your mobile number in your Gmail account. Once two step account verification is enabled then no one can access your account without inputting the security code sent to your mobile phone. This will certainly add the desired protection to your account and will ensure that your account stays save even after the Gmail Accounts leaked information.

Google Stance on Leaked Gmail Accounts:

According to Google account informations were not hacked from the Google servers. In fact they were hacked from the third party applications database. According to Google only 2 percent of ids have correct current passwords while other IDs have old passwords.

However, we suggest you to change password of your Gmail account to stay on a safer side.

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