Viber Receives Video Calls for IOS and Android

ViberIt looks like Viber has finally listened to its users. Viber has updated its Android and IOS applications and has rolled out the most awaited feature of video calling. The new video calling feature allows Viber users to make video calls using either IOS or Android applications. This new and much appreciated feature has certainly put Viber amongst the rank of one of the best VOIP applications.

With this new feature, Viber has emerged out as one of the biggest competitor to Skype. Another good point about Viber is that it allows you to transfer video calls between two different OS applications i.e. you can transfer calls from IOS application to Android application. Viber has now updated user interface which allows better user experience.

Moreover, it also allows you to record short video messages and send it to your loved ones. In this new update, developers have also worked on force close issue in the Android application and have completely fixed it. So, if you were annoyed by this bug in past then after this new update it will be completely gone. Now this application is also available in Persian, Serbian and Bulgarian other than English. This will allow the company to reach a good number of users who prefer using applications in their local language.

This new update is still in roll out phase and you will soon see update notification in Playstore and Apple store. Try out the latest version of Viber and share your experience and opinion about these new features Viber has incorporated.

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