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It’s been a wonderful era for one of the pioneers in cellular and mobile communication. Who would have thought that a company that looked invincible just ten years back in vast amount of clout and shares it held in the world would be reduced to selling their company to Microsoft a decade later for just a cut of what they would have imagined their sales to be. That’s right. Without further ado, let me introduce Nokia, for those who have been keeping up with the news lately, to summarize, Nokia, a company which literally monopolized the mobile phone market for over fifteen years is now almost on the brink of total extinction. Just take a look at the Nokia UK Website to see how the company has plummeted into obscurity.

Unable to adapt with the rapidly expanding Android and iOS markets, Nokia’s flawed Operating System turned out to be the final straw. Microsoft played the reputation card well and saved some of Nokia’s dignity. Microsoft themselves are trying to gain a foothold in the smartphone arena which is almost completely made up of just Android and Apple phones. So Microsoft’s ploy is to rid itself of its association with Nokia and completely start afresh. Which is why one of their first plans of action include making the Nokia UK website redundant.

In a way, it is Nokia’s fault too. With investors and other experts advising them to integrate with the Android system or develop another operating system as worthy as their competitors, Nokia chose to rely on their loyal and reliable customer base to get them through but alas, it was all too late when the Lumia hit the market. The Nokia UK website still shows the Lumia as their latest smartphone seller but even though it did offer a small comeback for the Finnish giants, it was not enough for them to resist the offer from Microsoft.

This can be a lesson to all those working in the harsh technological and scientific circuit, adapt in time or perish. Nokia took too long to realize the repercussions of their actions and they finally even resorted to releasing an Android phone under their name, which turned out to be a bad move because by then Samsung, HTC and a whole lot of other mobile companies had advance superiorly. For now, you can log on to the Nokia UK website just for nostalgia’s sake. It is truly, the end of an era.

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