Samsung Galaxy S III LTE receives Android 4.4.4 update

Much as the original Samsung Galaxy III is yet to receive any update ever since reaching its 18-month support period, its international LTE variant, which was launched just a few months later is scheduled to receive an update of Android 4.4.4. Samsung chose not to update the Galaxy III regardless of its issues such as TouchWiz and its bloat-related heaviness.

The E210S, which is the Korean version of the Galaxy III got an official update to Android 4.4.4 a while ago. The E210S comes with 2GB of RAM and LTE. With everything running smoothly, a decision was made to port the E210S’ version to the international variant of SIII.

The international LTE version of the phone(GT-19305N), with the upgrade given is expected to boast of an improved battery life and faster performance. In addition, user interfaces such as full-screen album art, status bar icons and updated Samsung apps are expected to also undergo improvements.

I9305NXXUFN14 is the software version of the update which is currently available in the Nordic region. This update will probably be the last for the device and has been a long time coming.

With the update should come all the standard KitKat features such as reduced memory consumption, faster performance, a gain in wireless printing support , full-screen lock-screen album art, white status bar icons, closed captions support, updates Samsung apps, as well as general stability improvements. Many owners who are itching for the firmware update, there are links available that will lead them to the firmware update for manual flashing, however, they stand a chance of bricking the device which is why patience is needed for the actual availability of the firmware. Advanced users however have decided not to wait and have embraced the firmware with manual upgrades to their devices.

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