Top 5 Battery Saving Apps for Android

I can see that unpleasant look on my friends’ faces when they see their battery is just remaining 5% or less. I mean how much it makes you unhappy and worries you if you need to make an urgent call or want to continue your candy crush? Well this problem has become no more a problem; because now we have some good mind blowing apps that can cut this problem from our lives to a very much extent. Here we go.


You see how our android phone becomes slow and starts eating your battery when you install many apps on your android phone. Well you can have many apps as you can and now this time your phone will have a better battery life than it had once. Let’s see how Greenify works.

Its working is actually quite amazing it does what; it actually finds those apps which are burping over their meal and looking to eat more. This app hibernate those specific apps when you are not using them and it prevents them from restarting.


It is important to keep in mind that with Greenifying an apps means, that all its functionality will be stopped until unless you start using that app.


Don’t think for a second to download this app or not, because it is on the top of the list.


Deep sleep battery saver

Another worthy app I must say. It works when your screen is off.  It saves your precious battery by giving your device a deep comfortable nap. It also works in various modes, like if I tell you what deep sleep mode is, then in simple words, in this mode all your background apps are turned off like your Facebook, Gmail account etc. while in advance mood there is something more for you where you can customize more parameters, like day/night settings, screen timeout etc.


In its features you will have five defined profiles, gentle, strong, balance, aggressive and slumber or you can create your own custom profile. Try any one of them and check the performance.  But the sole purpose is saving your battery.


Battery Doctor

First of all the good thing I see about this app is its free, which actually brought a smile on my face. Well as far as working of this app is concerned it’s a full package, it tells you about which apps are draining your battery power. You just need to tap the “diagnosis” button and you will see the culprit apps.

The good thing which I see in this app is it really estimates your remaining battery timing in an accurate way. Moreover its unique feature I personally experienced is its three stage professional charging system to ensure we get the maximum juice from our battery.


 DU battery saver

Du battery saver is another worthy app which is very popular and free to download. Like Battery doctor app which gives you an accurate estimate about your remaining battery timing, same DU battery saver works. You can see which apps are consuming your battery unnecessary Du Battery saver will tell you. You can have this information by tapping the “optimize now” button. Plus Du features a live monitor which gives you an overview about running processes and system resources.


 Battery widget reborn

It is a paid widget application with its extensive features. What this app gives you exactly is the question. By having this app, you can look over the temperature of your device plus charging and discharging times as well. It has extended notifications support for jelly bean phones also. Moreover it also bears automatic power saving functionality too.


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