Moto G Android L Update Leaks on Video

Late last year, the Motorola Moto G started its inclination to come up with affordable phone segments, and the price is surprising affordable. Specs were taken from the usual mid-range Android Smartphone, a few tweaks were made to make it as close to the Android experience while ensuring that the price remained an affordable one.

Since the announcement of the Android L by Google at its Google I/O conference, speculations as to when it would show up were high. Rumor had it that it would arrive sometime in the month of October. To add fuel to the fire, a video leaked information showcasing the new software build that runs on the Moto G Android L.

When it finally rolls out, the Moto G Android L is expected to be one of the first devices to get Android L, alongside Google’s Nexus and other handsets from Motorola such as the Moto X.

The video, which ran for all of six minutes was posted by developer MotoGDevelopmentMexico on Youtube. The new material design language for the UI, inclusive of all the new icons for the numerous key Android functions and the re-designed notifications bar and lock screen took the major part of the video. The UI animations and transitions make up one of the most visible elements of the Android L’s material Design. When compared to the old Android versions, they offer a different feel to them.

The Moto G Android L appears to have no trouble running the new Android build even taking into account that it is not one of the most powerful phones on the market. This goes to show that the Android L has been heavily optimized for a range of hardware.

Normally, users have had to endure a long wait in order to get newer versions of the platform since updates of such affordable devices are rare and since they tend to happen after an update to the flagship phones has been made.  With the video showcasing the Android L running on the handset, it looks like the wait will not happen for the Moto G Android L.  The video does highlight the new lock screen, apps and the revived look of Android L.


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