10 Galaxy Note 4 battery tips to keep your device running for long

At the present moment, the Galaxy Note 4 is the best Android smartphone there is and there are a number of reasons to support this, from the software included to the wonderful design and the functional S Pen stylus. Considering the numerous perks placed on this gadget, it is no wonder that the battery life may not be at par to many, regardless of the 3,220 mAh it holds as compared to the standards by average smartphones.

Let’s take a look at some Galaxy Note 4 Battery tips to enable you get the best out of your battery.

Saving modes for the Galaxy Note 4 battery

Enable Power Saving mode

In a bid to extend the battery life in the more recent smartphones, Samsung incorporated two battery saving features: power saving mode and ultra power saving mode. Much as both saving modes are useful, the latter does take the job of saving power onto the next level. With the power saving mode turned on, apps that run in the background are stopped from using mobile networks. There is also an option of turning on the Grayscale mode that will remove all the habitually battery-sucking wallpaper and colors.

Turn on the Galaxy Note 4 Ultra Power Saving mode

The Ultra power saving mode goes a step further, it turns off mobile data as soon as the screen shuts off, changes the colors of the screen to grayscale, turns off other connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and restricts app usage to only permit essential apps in addition to those that are chosen by you.

Turn down the screen brightness on the Note 4

In the event that you don’t wish to enable either of the features discussed above, there are alternative ways of reducing battery consumption with the useful Galaxy Note 4 Battery tips.  A tip could be as simple as dimming the screen brightness. In order to achieve this you will need to swipe down the notification shade, unclick the Auto box and then reducing the screen low brightness level that you want.

Make use of a darker wallpaper

The screen is perhaps the biggest battery-sucking source by far, and even though you may reduce the brightness level, it may not be enough. Making use of a much darker background or wallpaper will make all the difference.  As part of the Galaxy Note 4 Battery tips, making use of darker wallpaper will help your battery life last a little longer.

Make sure that the Note 4 is not always listening

When you have the “OK Google” Detection for Google Search turned on to always listening implies that the phone is continuously awake waiting for you to ask it something, this translates to rapid battery decline. With this in mind, you need to decide on whether quickly launching a voice search by “OK Google” topples having a good battery life. In case having a good battery life is important, then you might need to look into turning off the “Ok Google” Detection by going to the Google Search settings and tapping on the search bar, then the menu button that is located on the bottom right corner. While in the settings, tap on the “Ok Google detection” that is under Voice and ensure that the box is not ticked for Always on.

Regular updates                                                                                           

When all is said and done, an updated Android phone or tablet translates to an increment in battery life, simply because any software bugs or problems are actually ironed out, which bugs or problems might be the cause of the battery drain. In addition to the Android updates, Samsung does also push out other types of software fix updates that worth installing simply because they normally fix existing irritating problems.

Turning off location services

Not only is the battery life used up but also mobile data when location services are used. With this in mind, you might want to look into turning it off by going to the settings. In case you don’t wish to turn this service off however, you might want to look into selecting the Power saving location service mode that will only make use of this feature when using mobile networks and Wi-Fi, as opposed to the high accuracy mode that is set by default and which makes use of Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile networks.

Getting rid of animations

Like the discussed Galaxy Note 4 Battery tips, getting rid of animations not only works for the Note 4 but can also be utilized by a number of devices, with a slight difference from phone to phone. You can disable the animations by visiting the Developer options of the phone settings. In case you cant find it, then you need to unlock it. This can be done by tapping on About Phone, then tapping on the build number until you see that Developer options has been activated. Select the back option to get out of the About phone section and tap on the Developer options. Look for the Window animation scale, Animator duration scale and Transition animation scale and proceed to turn them all off.

Disabling vibrate for email notifications

Another of the Galaxy Note 4 Battery tips is to disable vibrate for email notifications in case you wish to have a longer battery life. This can be done by heading to the app, in case you are using Gmail for example, then going to the settings option and selecting the account in question. Following this, you can tap on Inbox sound and vibrate and proceed to unclick the vibrate box.

Turning off Bluetooth, GPS and NFC

In case you have no use for GPS, NFC and Bluetooth, then it is best to turn them off.

Watch out for widgets

Dependent on the nature of the widget, they can be pretty sneaky and have a tendency of updating quite often to show fresh information. You are able to change how often the widgets do update by visiting the app settings option.

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