How to install the Android 5.0 Lollipop on your computer

The process of installing Android 5.0 Lollipop is divided into two parts, downloading the required files and generating the emulator.

Installing the required material

  • On your computer(32 or 64 bit), you need to download the zip file for the Android SDK.
  • Make use of an archive manager to extract the zip file that you downloaded. Choose an appropriate location in which you will save the extraction and ensure that you do remember where it is. For example in the C drive.
  • Open the SDK manager program and the android-sdk folder and let it finish loading
  • In the event that you find already selected items, ensure that you deselect them. Select only Android SDK Platform-tools under the Tools section in addition to selecting the whole section called Android 5.0 (API 21). Next, click on Install Packages and accept and confirm the installation. The installation and download process with now start.

Creating the Android emulator

When the installation is complete, open the AVD Manager program in the android-sdk folder. Select the Create button and proceed to set parameters for the emulator in the window that will be opened. Include the following:  

  • AVD Name: without using space, insert here the emulator name for example: EmulatoreLollipop.
  • Device: Choose a preset template from the available ones, preferably Nexus 5 or earlier.
  • Target: Insert here the Android version to be installed such as Android 5.0 – API Level 21
  • CPU: Opt for “ARM”
  • Skin: Opt for “skin with dynamic hardware controls”
  • RAM: Ideally, you should opt for 512 or 1024 since it will be removed from that of the PC so that a slowdown of the system is avoided due to overdoing it.
  • Don’t chance the values of other items, leave them with their default values and press OK

When you check list on the AVD Manager, you should now be able to find your new emulator. Select it, press start and then Launch to run it. Initial setup may take a number of minutes to install Android Lollipop. In case you wish to set a preferred size, go to the Launch Options after start, opt for the “Scale to display real size” option and set your desired size.

When all the above are accomplished, you will have successfully installed your first PC emulator with Android Lollipop! When it is down, you can now proceed with combing through each new option in the Material Design of the update if you so desire.

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