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Ever visited a website looking for something important with limited time to waste only for an annoying Captcha to pop up? Well, the good news is that you may not have to deal with this annoying occurrence in case Google does go through with the new and improved authentication method known as “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”.

Granted, reCAPTCHA does help protect a website from spam and abuse, but there are those moments when getting this message does tend to nag! The reCAPTCHA is meant to distinguish the robots from real humans as well as protecting the given site from abusive scripts meant to access them.

With the new authentication method however, the verification that you are human and not a robot will be made that much easier. No more do you have to go through distorted messages and input them into a text box in order to be identified as a human, with the new method, Google will simply ask you whether or not you are a robot and all you will have to do check the checkbox that is provided alongside the question. And no, website owners don’t have to worry about their site’s security since the new API does focus on improving overall security.  And with studies indicating that Artificial Intelligence technology of this day and age does in fact have the capability of solving a number of distorted text to up to 99.8% accuracy, even of the most difficult variety, perhaps, the Captcha method was no longer as secured option as previous perceived for websites.

In addition to being simpler and being security friendly, the new API will also be completely mobile friendly. Simple as the check box on the new API may be, a certain level of sophistication is working behind the scene.  However, in cases where the risk analysis engine does have a hard time in predicting whether or not it is a human using the system, a CAPTCHA will be prompted in order to elicit more clues hence increase the security checkpoint numbers in a bid to ensure that the person using the system is valid or human.

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