Gmail Blocked in China?

A lot of US based companies in China are facing many issues lately. Qualcomm might face an anti-trust investigation in China which might lead to a financial set back to the company and ultimately leading to closure of its operations in the country. Software giant Microsoft also faced similar issues in China when their offices were raided and properties were seized for the same reason.

However, Apple has been running its operation pretty smoothly. Though Apple also faced some issues when the Chinese media declared iPhone a threat to the National security because of its location tracking services. However, Apple stood strong and was able to come out clean.

Google is yet another name on the hit list of Chinese government. Though China blocked almost all services of Google back in June but still people were to use Gmail through different email applications like one you have pre installed on your Android phone or iPhone. As per the latest updates Gmail is completely blocked in China and now people are not able to access it even through these pre installed email applications. However, it is found that you can still use Gmail through VPN which also allows to access other blocked websites in the country.

On Friday, the Google transparency report revealed that the traffic from China almost dropped to zero which confirmed the rumour floating on the Internet that “Gmail is blocked in China”. This is a great set back to Google. This will certainly eliminate the presence of Google in China. If you are not aware then you should know that Chinese do not use Google search engine at all instead they have their own search engine “Baidu” which is quite popular in the country. So, after this recent ban on Gmail in China Google will be definitely eliminated from China.

This will not only hamper the company’s position in China but will also weaken its position worldwide. However, government has not confirmed it officially and from the statement of Foreign minister it appears as if they are not aware of this ban on Gmail in China.

According to Chinese Foreign Minister:

“China has consistently had a welcoming and supportive attitude towards foreign investors doing legitimate business here. We will, as always, provide an open, transparent and good environment for foreign companies in China.”

If in case you are not able to use Gmail in China then we recommend you to use some VPN as it will grant you access to Gmail and other services of Google. If you are facing issues in accessing Gmail in China then kindly let us know in the comments section.

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