Kodak IM5 – The Débutant in Smartphone Market

Lately, smartphone market has grown many folds. We have seen many manufacturers from China coming forward and manufacturing some of the best smartphones. With every new entrant in the market the level of competition is getting higher and the life for big guns is getting harder and harder.

Kodak IM5

In the midst of other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Sony we have seen a new entrant in the market at CES. Yes, we are talking about Kodak. Kodak has stepped into the smartphone market with the official announcement of its first ever smartphone. Well, to be honest Kodak IM5 is more of a camera but it does has the basic features of a smartphone. So, there’s nothing wrong in terming it as a smartphone.

The all new Kodak IM5 comes with a 5 inch 720p display, 1.7GHz octa core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB built-in memory, 13MP primary camera and 5MP front snapper for selfies. At this point we are not sure what chipset this new smartphone is using but we are guessing that it will have MediaTek chipset. Most of you might not like 8GB internal storage but the positive point is that it has microSD card slot. So, this means you will never run out of storage capacity.

IM5 will come with Android 4.4 but it will be soon upgraded to latest Android 5.0. Yes, we though the same that why didn’t Kodak launched it with latest Android version. Well, let’s not waste our time thinking on such questions.

According to the CEO, Kodak IM5 will be officially available in Europe by the end of March and soon it will start shipping to other regions as well. Company has planned not to overly price it because it’s the first smartphone from Kodak and pricing it higher than what it should be might backfire.

With IM5 you will get an exclusive application for photos which will allow you to edit your photos, share them on the social media or just simply print them. Yes, it can be connected with your home printer. So, you can print your memorable photos with great ease.

Let’s be realistic. If Kodak happens to sale million or more units of IM5 then it will solely be because of the company’s reputation and name in the market because on paper the hardware isn’t great considering the smartphones we have in market these days.

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