QMobile Noir Z7 AD is a Copy of Indian TV Commercial

QMobile has been under the fire lately because of the latest QMobile Noir Z7 AD. This is mainly because the advertisement has not been highly appreciated by the religious groups in the country. Adding fuel to this, we have found that apart from copying the Gionee smartphones QMobile has now started copying their advertisement.

After carrying out a very careful investigation we have found out that latest QMobile Noir  Z7 AD is actually a rip off of Indian TV commercial. QMobile has used the entire footage for their Noir Z7 advertisement. They did not even bother to make any changes in the advertisement. This is totally disgusting. It is not at all professional and seeing this coming from a company which is quite popular in the low end smartphone market feels absurd.

Anyways, you can check the QMobile Noir Z7 AD here and original Gionee TV commercial here.

Moving ahead we found out that QMobile Noir Z7 is exact copy of Gionee S5.1. However, they have trimmed down the specifications but the overall look and build copy is the exact copy of the said smartphone.

Though QMobile is quite popular in the low end market but they have badly failed to compete in the high end market where companies like  HTC and Samsung have always blossomed.

However, there is possibility that QMobile is owned by Gionee but still they should come forward and make things clear. At the moment this whole scenario is not sending out a pretty good message and this is certainly hampering the reputation of the company.

After doing our very first post on this advertisement we realized that QMobile Noir Z7 AD was actually a copy of Indian TV commercial we still delayed the news to get its confirmation. We even contacted the QMobile but they did not respond to us.

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