Terrorist Attacks and the Technology

The activity that will lead to threatening of the human life by simply causing fear is known as terrorism. The issue of terror attack has been there for the longest period of time ever known in the history of human life. Dozens of people have all along died in a way that is beyond human explanation. It becomes very difficult to explain the reason as to why people would be so ruthless to a point of wanting to kill people who are innocent.

Apart from just innocent blood being shed, there are dozens of people who have been maimed. Some have received severe injuries and now they cannot do anything. Economies have crashed due to war. The activities in the learning institutions are no more in operation. There are no significant reforms that are taking place in the government institutions. You cannot see any construction work that is taking place. The services offered by the health sectors have continued to be paralyzed and it is just because of the terror attacks.

All in all, there have been bodies, security agencies and the militant groups that have tried to fight the terror groups and suppress their terrorism activities. Technology has continued to cross all boundaries and cut across all the militant areas. The new weapons of mass destruction are being invented. Only that the same weapons can be put into good use of fighting the terrorists or they are used for the purpose of causing terror by attacking other people. One of the most recent technologies that have been used to suppress the activities of the terrorists includes the use of drones.

Before drones came into existence, military forces would use tanks which were loaded with missiles. Such tanks have been used to attack the enemies even at a distance of over kilometers. Such methods of terror fights would work perfectly well. Unfortunately, at times the targeted enemy would be missed and in the process a great number of innocent people would be killed. Nuclear bombs have also been used for a number of times to fight back the terrorists.

It is over now 8 decades when the first atomic bomb was used to fight back the terrorists. Even these methods have not been that safe considering there would be incidences where innocent people would have to be killed. The use of nuclear and atomic bombs has caused one of the greatest destructions that have ever been known to the world. Genetic effects have all along been witnessed in japan, Chernobyl among other nations that has suffered the use of atomic bombs.

Jet fighters were used in the first and the second world war. The same techniques have been for a good number of years used to launch attacks to the terrorist groups. None of these fighters have been successfully used without claiming the lives of innocent people. That means the world’s security agency has never successfully managed to fight the terrorist groups without killing people who are not targeted. And that has been the same case seen in using the drones.

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