How to Root LG G4 with Towelroot?

If you are a hardcore Android user then you must be familiar with the importance of root access. And if you are not aware with it then you must first know about root access on Android and its benefits. Rooting your Android phone offers you number of benefits and that’s why today we are going to tell you how to root LG G4 with towelroot.

LG G4 is the new addition to the Android and LG family. It is the latest flagship device of the company and is reckoned as one of the best smartphones available in the market. However, if you happen to gain the root access on your LG G4 then you simply make it the best Android phone.

Lately a lot of LG G4 root methods are floating on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them do not work and the ones which work will come with the risk of bricking your new LG G4. Therefore, we have come up with a simple on click method to root LG G4 with towelroot.

This method works like charm. We have already tested this method on our LG G4 and it worked without any issues.

Steps to Root LG G4 with Towelroot:

  • Download towelroot on your LG G4 from here.
  • Before installing it make sure you have allowed installing applications from 3rd party sources. Go to security and “check” allow installing apps from sources other than Playstore.
  • Install towelroot on your LG G4.
  • Run towelroot and tap on make it ra1n. This will initiate the rooting process.
  • After few seconds it will show a message “your device is rooted.
  • We advice you to restart your smartphone.
  • Now go to playstore and download “root checker” application. This application will verify that your LG G4 is now rooted.

So, now you can root LG G4 with towelroot within few seconds. It is a very simple method and will keep you safe from unexpected bricking of your smartphone during rooting process. You can also root LG G4 verizon and sprint with this method.

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  1. Remove this article. TowelRoot does NOT work on the G4.

  2. It doesn’t not work. Please share a working method

  3. What a lie dude stick to your day job !

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