Boost Your LG G4 Loudspeaker with Simple Mod

If you are a music lover and own a LG G4 then this something you should try out. LG G4 is certainly one of the best smartphones available in the market but unfortunately it does not have the best loud speakers and headphones sound in the market. Well, we have something that can make music life of all LG G4 users a heaven.

These smartphone manufacturers are keen on manufacturing smartphones with great processing power and a perfect camera but they do not focus on the sound quality and loudness of speakers. But we have Android developers community out there working on different mods to make your experience much better.

Today we are going to focus on a mod that will help you to increase the sound of your LG G4 speakers and headphones.


Before you proceed with this below are few things you must have:

  1. Make sure you have rooted LG G4. If you do not have root access on LG G4 and do not know how to root LG G4 then check out this post and also this one.
  2. Make sure you have root browser. ES File Manager is a pretty good root browser.

Files to Download:

If you are all set then download the file from below link and extract it on your desktop.

LG G4 Sound Mod Download

Steps to Boost your LG G4 Sound:

  1. Transfer the downloaded file to your LG G4 internal storage. We would recommend to move it to root folder.
  2. Now open your root browser, copy the file and paste it to ‘systemetc’. It will ask you to replace the existing file. Allow it to replace files.
  3. After replacing files change the permission of files to RW-R-R.
  4. Now reboot your smartphone and enjoy increased headphone and loudspeaker sound on your LG G4.

If you face any issues then mention in comments we will help you to sort out your issues.

Please do this on your own risk as you might damage your speakers.

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