How to Delete your Voice Commands Said to Google Now?

It can be safely said that Google is taking over the world. From your browsing data to your voice commands to Google Now, Google saves everything. If you are not aware then let us tell you that Google saves every voice command you said to your Google Now virtual assistant. You can also access this by visiting Make sure you are logged into your Gmail account to view your saved history and to listen to your voice commands.

Well if you are too much concerned about your privacy then you can simply delete your all voice commands you ever said to Google Now. To delete your voice and audio history follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right corner you will see three vertical dots. Click on it.
  3. From the available options select “Delete Options”.

delete voice history

4. Now click on Advance Options, select “All Time” and click on delete. It will completely delete your all time voice history.

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  1. LOL I had no idea if Google store my voice commands as well

  2. This is scary!! Google is storing everything on its server!

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