Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ Specifications Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors:

We have just entered 2016 and we have already received multiple Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors. Last week we heard that Samsung will launch four different variants of its 2016 flagship. A 5 inch Samsung Galaxy S7, a 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and two different variants of 6 inch Samsung Galaxy S7.

With Samsung planning to launch four different variants it is quite confusing how company will manage the specifications of these variants to make them stand out not from each other but also from the flagship devices of other companies?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Specifications

With all the rumors going around today we have received an image on the Internet which clearly points out the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Specifications. The below image shows a hardware information application running on a Samsung SM G93, which is allegedly supposed to be Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+. If we look at the image it is quite clear that it will come with a 5.7 inch QHD screen which is similar to the previous generation Galaxy Edge smartphone.

This image also reveals another important information. The GPU used in the smart is Adreno 530 which hints that Samsung is heading back to its old strategy of offering two different variants of the flagship;one with Snapdragon and other one with the homemade Exynos. So, it is quite possible that we will have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ running on Snapdragon 820 soc.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ Specifications

The image also shows that smartphone will 4 GB of RAM. However, we have no information on the microSD card yet. There were certain rumors going around that Samsung is planning to bring back the microSD card support but till now we do not have any authentic or legitimate news on this.

Having said that camera is the only department that will come under a lot of criticism. According to hardware information image, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ will have 12.2 MP camera which is stripped down version of the current 16 MP on Samsung Galaxy S6. However, the company is working on a new camera technology and as tech a guy I am really interested to see how it will perform.


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