Learn to Change App Permissions on Android Marshmallow

You must have noticed that whenever you install a new application on your Android smartphone it asks for certain app permissions. Different applications have different android permissions. Some applications asks permission to access your images or contact while others asks for android Internet permission. Now this is quite scary because once an application gets android permission on your phone then it can manipulated your data. For this reason there are people who want to change app permissions on Android.

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Change App Permissions on Android With Root

The most popular and known method to change app permissions on Android is through rooting your smartphone. This will install permission manager on your phone which will monitor the app permissions granted on your phone. This permission manager will also offer you the freedom to allow permissions to different applications manually. Let’s suppose you want to stop android Internet permission for some application then you can do it quite easily through this permission manager.

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We will not be discussing this method of changing app permissions on Android with root. There are many tutorials available on XDA which will take you through this popular and little technical method changing applications permissions and setting up your own android permissions list.

Change App Permissions on Android Marshmallow

In the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google has added an option by default which allows you to change app permissions on your Android phone. This method does not require any root or installing of permission manager. Since, Google has added it in the OS by default therefore nothing can get easier than this!

Steps to Change Android Permissions

If you wish to change applications permissions on Android Marshmallow then follow these simple and easy steps

  1. Go to application drawer of your Android phone
  2. Tap and hold application whose permissions you want to change
  3. Drag it to App info icon on top of the screen
  4. It will open up a menu. Go to App permissions
  5. Select which permissions you want to allow and which you don’t want to

See how simple and easy this method is. It is best for those who feel that their privacy is at by allowing unnecessary permissions to the applications. And at times some applications ask for useless permissions. For example a third part camera applications asks for contacts and android INTERNET permission. So, it is advisable to stop such unnecessary permissions!

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