Google Play Store Not Working? Here’s What to Do!

Google Play Store is perfect when it comes to installing applications and games on your Android phone. Without Google Play Store installing and updating applications become quite difficult. However, lately there are cases where users complained that Google Play Store is Not Working at all. This can come out as a huge surprise to anyone because without this MUST HAVE application you will not be able to install new games or update the already installed applications freely.

So, here are few important methods which you can try out when Google Play store stops working.

Google Play Store Not Working? Solution!!

Restart your Device

The first and most important troubleshoot is to restart your smartphone. If you are facing any issue not just the Google Play Store no connection problem, the first thing you should do is to restart your smartphone. Most of the problems are solved with a simple a restart. And in our case we fixed our play store not working issue with just a simple phone restart.

Check Date and Time

Did you notice that when date and time on your computer are not correct then you at times you face problems to access some websites especially Google related websites. So, if Google Play Store Not Working for you then you should check your date and time. There is possibility that your date and time are not correct therefore you are not able to access Google Play Store. If your date and time are not accurate then set them and this may possibly fix your Google Play Store no connection issue.

Force Stop Google Play Store

At times force closing your play store can fix Google Play Store no connection issue. Actually, force stop means to close an application forcefully. You can quite easily do it by going in to your phone settings, application manager. Find Google Play Store from the list of installed applications, open it and tap “FORCE CLOSE“! Most of the times forcing closing application and then starting it again solves the issues.

Clear App and Cache

Always remember if nothing works clearing app and cache can work. So, if you have tried all the above methods and still Google Play Store no Connection issue is there then you must try clearing your app data and connection.

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Go to application manager, open Google Play Store and tap on Clear App Cache. This will definitely solve Google Play Store Not Working problem for you.

If this issue is not fixed yet then open Google Play in app manager and tap on Clear App Data. This will clear all stored app data but this will solve you problems 99% times. So, it is a good deal if at the end of the day you loose your data and get rid of Google Play Store no connection issue!

Uninstall Updates

At times play store updates might be causing the problems. So, try uninstalling the update, restart your phone and try opening Google Play Store. If Play Store update was causing this issue then after this you will most probably get rid of google play store no connection issue.

Google Play Services

Google Play Services are the main core of all Google Services on your Android smartphone. Therefore, you should not ignore the importance of these services. Try updating Google Play Services. If this does not work then remove app cache and also clear the data and most probably this will fix your issue.

Last Resort – Factory Reset

Even after trying all the above methods and still Google Play Store Not Working then the only option left is to factory reset your phone. This will take your phone back to the day 1 and it will clear everything from your phone. Therefore, make sure to make a proper backup before going for factory reset.

If you have any better working method to get rid of Google Play Store Not Working or Google Play Store Connection Issue then feel free to share with us in the comments.

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