Find Samsung Galaxy S7 Price in Pakistan and Release Date

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch finally being confirmed for February 21 at MWC 2016, so many speculations are being made of the phone, its specifications and overall what to expect. Perhaps topmost in most people’s minds is the Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan. Will it be affordable to the masses or will it be for the select few?

Expected Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan

Samsung has already begun sending out invites for its next event that will see the unveiling of the phone later in the month. Much as a sneak-peak of the phone looks much like the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are a number of differences to be found in the new phone. As the flagship phone from Samsung’s Galaxy S line, the Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan should not come as a surprise if it is on the expensive side. In fact, chances are pretty high that it could be one of the more expensive phones to be unveiled this year.

As if the new phone release is not great news, there is also news of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge being released soon as well-perhaps on the same day! The MWC 2016 is set to be kicked off in style not only with Samsung’s release of the S7 but also with the likes of ZTE and LG showcasing what they have to offer.  Barcelona come February 21st should be packed with plenty of excitement as we await the new products the South Korean firm has to offer and those that may be making an entrance from other firms as well.

Here is a teaser of Samsung Galaxy S7 for our readers.

For those itching to get their hands on the phone, rumor has it that the phone could go on pre-order on the day of the launch. There are rumors that pre-orders should be filled in the following two weeks after the day of the launch but that remains to be seen. And since Samsung Galaxy S7 Price in Pakistan is already therefore, a lot of people are already set for the pre-order.


 As for the phone’s design; considering that the South Korean firm has only recently overhauled the Galaxy S6 flagship design, rumor has it that we should expect only a few tweaks to the Galaxy S7 and that it will more likely look similar to the S6 with only a few minor changes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan

In comparison with the Galaxy S7 Edge, again, rumor has it that the Galaxy Edge with only have slight differences from the S7 Edge, something that may not impress many buyers, especially if as anticipated the  Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan   is on the relatively high side.

What to Expect?

 Besides expecting a high Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan, the Galaxy S7 is rumored to have improved picture quality, performance and come packed some new features that will set it a world apart from the other flagship phones in the S series. The processing speed is expected to be greater and the quality of content is expected to be phenomenal!

The Galaxy S7 screen sixe is expected to being the 5.7 inch neighborhood (although there are other rumors that it could actually be 5.1 inches) while the pixel resolution is expected to be 1440 x 2560.

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