Samsung Galaxy S7: ‘Waterproof’ components and specifications

There are only about two weeks to go before the big MWC 2016 event in Barcelona which will see the South Korean firm, Samsung release its latest phone the Samsung Galaxy S7. There are also rumors that the Galaxy S7 Edge will also be launched on the same day. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan will not come cheap according to some.

Rumor has it last year that unlike the Galaxy S6, the new arrival- the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge would both be waterproof and with the waterproof components listed online seem to support this speculation. Although we will have to wait for the launch to confirm whether or not the phones will be waterproof, for now, we can only swim in the speculations that are making rounds over the internet of the listed waterproof components.

Waterproof components

 Among the waterproof components expected are the microphone and the SIM tray. Of course, we will have to wait to understand whether or not we are to expect literally waterproof components or just water resistant ones.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan though is one that many are anxiously waiting for. there is an adamant possibility that the new phone will be on the rather expensive side. There are those, however, holding out for a lower price compared to the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications

 Some of the rumored specifications for the Galaxy S7 include a 5.1-inch screen. Although there are also rumors of a 5.5 or  5.7-inch screen; the screen is expected to be of the Super AMOLED variety while the pixel resolution on offer is expected to be of Quad HD (1440 X 2560 pixels). As for its processor, the S7 is supposed to be either powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8890 or the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor. The RAM is expected to be 4GB while the battery should be on the large side, complete with 12 MP rear cameras.

It is also rumored the phone will come with a MicroSD card slot for added memory. As for the charging system, it is expected to be wireless fast charging, with capabilities of the phone filling up in a matter of minutes.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan is expected to be pricey.

At the WMC event in Barcelona, besides the Samsung Galaxy S7, also expected to be launched is the Galaxy S7 Edge, with the Edge taking on a rather curved design. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy s6 and going by speculations from analysts, the Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan could be slightly lower for the phone to remain competitive with other phones on the market but this remains to be seen.

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