LG G5 is now Official with Removal Battery

LG G5 is now official. LG announced the new flagship smartphone in MWC event. The pick of the smartphone is modular design. LG G5 comes with a full metallic uni body and removal battery. Yes, this is true. LG G5 comes with full metallic design and a removal battery. We will soon cover a detailed review on the modular design which will make it clear how LG has made it possible to include both the uni body and removal battery.

LG G5 Always on Display

There were rumors that LG G5 will come with always on display. Yes, those rumors were true. LG G5 has always on display. This feature will turn on the display as soon as you look the screen. This always on display will only consume 0.8% battery every hour. So, this new always on display is energy efficient as well.

LG G5 Dual Camera

LG G5 comes with a dual camera. It has wide angle 16 MP camera. A normal human eye can view stuff upto an angle of 120 degrees but your LG G5 will capture images with an angle of 135 degrees. This means it will capture more details and a wide perspective.

LG G5 camera is capable of capturing 360 images and will also allow you to enjoy VR with an additional accessory.

LG G5 Specifications

LG G5 comes with 32 GB internal storage with microSD card support, 4 GB RAM and the latest Qualcomn Snapdragon 820. It also have USB type C.

We will keep updating the article

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