Customize YourLG G3 with LG G3 TweaksBox Xposed Module

LG G3 TweaksBox

Having an Android smartphone is a bliss indeed as it offers you a lot of customizations. At present Android holds around 70% of market shares and this is mainly because of its customizable nature. Once you have the root access you can not only customize your device but you can also boost up the performance of your Android device by …

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LG G3 S will be a Dual Sim LG G3 Mini

LG G3 mini

Though LG has not officially announced LG G3 mini yet but we have seen multiple leaks related to the upcoming Mini version of LG G3. Today we have leaks related to the dual sim version of LG G3 mini which will supposedly be called LG G3 S. LG G3 S is expected to come out with a dedicated capacitive sim …

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Is LG G3 Waterproof?

LG G3 waterproof

We saw video surfing on the Internet which showed that LG G3 is waterproof. This was quite surprising since the company has not officially declared it to be waterproof. So, the first thing we did was to contact LG and asked them if the LG G3 has some hidden waterproofing capabilities. LG replied us that LG G3 is not waterproof at …

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