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APK file and its installation

Android 4.4.4 for Sony Xperia Z

Android phone users are everywhere, and it is quite possible that being an android user you may have heard of an Apk file. If not then you might be wondering what an Apk file is and why we use them. Actually APK files are used to download those applications or games precisely which are actually leaked before their official launching. …

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How to Access YouTube with Zenmate?

Access YouTube with Zenmate

YouTube Blocked in Pakistan? Back in 2012, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked the access to YouTube because Google did not remove the blasphemous movie Innocence of Muslims even after continuous requests. Google named it freedom of speech and refused to remove the video from YouTube. Since then YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Pakistanis are using different ways to access YouTube in …

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How to Improve WiFi Signals on Android?

improve WiFi Signals

No doubt android phones have brought fun in our lives but we must have encountered a problem in android phones that is “Wifi signals on android”. Yes we are talking about the poor wifi signals which are such a pain in our back. What we suppose to do when we want to call our friend through Viber or message through …

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Stump Root: Easily Root LG Devices

root LG

Android which is acknowledged for its open source attribute is a wonderful operating system. A wide range of devices are available from the cheap to the not so cheap. But with all its awesomeness and fantastic attributes, the most powerful aspect of this system is when you get access to the root. If you do not have root access on your …

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How to Backup Android?

Backup Android Photos

If you have a smartphone then you must be aware that there are possibilities of losing and breaking your smartphone. Therefore, it is very important to backup Android smartphone data. Backing up data will ensure that your data stays safe no matter what happens to your smartphone. If you have made the backup of your Android data then even if …

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How to Get New LG User Interface for LG G2


LG G3 is the latest LG flagship. This device not only comes with better hardware and looks than LG G2 but it also comes with a much better user interface. LG has completely changed its user interface from what it was like last year. LG plans to roll out the update for LG G2 users but we are not sure …

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How to Install TWRP Recovery on HTC One M8

HTC One M8

TWRP Recovery is already out and now you can have it your Android smartphone. TWRP Recovery is one of the most popular cstomer recovery available for Android which not only allows you to install custom ROMs but also gives you the liberty to tweak your smartphone as per your requirements. Now you can event install TWRP recovery on HTC …

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How to Delete Comment on Instagram for iPhone?

How to delete comment on Instagram for iPhone

Instagram for iPhone is no doubt one of the highly used social networking application on Apple smartphones. This social network is beautiful in its own way as it gives you the liberty to share your photos and videos and communicate through them.  This is in fact one of the most favourite social network of people who love to take photos …

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How to logout of Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Mesenger

These days Facebook is in news  for making Facebook Messenger mandatory to install. This is quite annoying for the people and honestly you cannot force people to install some application. Some of the Android users have already quit using Facebook official Android application and have started using some third party applications. But there are people who are still using Facebook …

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