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Is it ok to Charge Overnight? – Solving Myths

Is it ok to charge overnight

After the advent of smartphones taking over the mobile market, with so many applications, games, texts, calls and whatnot, it is extremely difficult to keep phones charged throughout the day. These apps and games tend to drain a lot of the battery and for people who work away from home or in places that do not have charging facilities, it …

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It is not About Megapixels – Solving Myths

iPhone 6 camera

Most of the people think that a smartphone camera with higher megapixels definitely offers high quality images. Well, it is a myth and here we are with a myth buster to ensure that you know how things work in reality. There’s no doubt that the number of pixels have a effect on the quality of images but it does not …

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How to Root Moto G and Moto X on KitKat?

Root Moto X and Moto G on KitKat

Motorola had a great past year. Thanks to its Moto G and Moto X. Both of these smartphones performed pretty well especially Moto G. Moto G is basically a mid range smartphone available at an affordable price. If you look at its specifications you will realise that it offers more than what it is priced at. It has a 720p …

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How to Root LG G3 With Towelroot?

Root LG G3

LG G3 is the latest flagship device of LG and this beautiful and elegant device has already set new sales record in the market. LG has done a remarkably good job with LG G3 and gas managed to produce one of the best smartphones available till date. There’s no doubt that this device comes with latest hardware but how about …

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iPhone DailyPaper Jailbreak Tweak – How To

DailyPaper Jailbreak Tweak

It is a known fact that Apple’s iPhone does not offer too much customization. Therefore, you are bound to stick with same UI forever. However, if you have jailbreak iPhone then you can customize it some extent but still the level of customization is not as good as what we have on Android. So, today we have decided to share …

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How to Charge Android Battery Fast?

charge android battery fast

Nothing can get worse than having an empty Android phone battery especially when you really have to go somewhere and you do not have enough time. We all know charging an Android smartphone can take a lot of time and it is indeed a headache for the person when he/she wants to go somewhere but does not want to leave …

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How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy S5?

Speed up Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy  S5 is just few months old and has the latest hardware but the fact that touchwiz is poorly optimized and it comes with bloatwares make Samsung Galaxy S5 to under perform. You must have noticed annoying lag and under performance but you can get rid of it and speed up Samsung Galaxy S5. So, here are few important tips which …

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How to Root LG G3 In One Minute?

Root LG G3

LG G3 is the successor of LG G2 and is reckoned as the smartphone of the year. This smartphone has everything. You get premium looks with top notch hardware but still you can get the most out of its hardware or customize it by gaining the toot access. So, here we are once again with our How to section to …

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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Android and IOS are two famous and well established mobile operating systems in the market. Around 90% of the people are using either one of these operating systems. Though IOS is highly secured mobile operating system but it comes with some annoying issues like transferring your iTunes music from one device to another device. So, if you are one of …

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How to Root LG G2 in Five Seconds


LG G2 is still one of the best smartphones available in the market. It has a top notch hardware with some amazing processing power. You can enhance the over all performance of your LG G2 if you are able to to Root LG G2. When you have the root access then you can play around with different things and use …

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