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How to Fix Lag Issue on LG G2?


No matter how advanced hardware manufacturers use they leave some area of improvement which can make an already awesome device more awesome. This is mainly because the software is not properly optimized to work even on the top notch hardware and this at times results in below par performance and lag. There’s no doubt that LG G2 is still one …

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How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage in Android

reduce mobile data usage in Android

If you have limited mobile data package then it is important for you to reduce the mobile data usage. We all know Android consumes a lot of data and it is important to control it otherwise you will end up paying extra dollars to your mobile carrier for consuming more mobile data than the allotted one. Well, there’s no rocket …

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How to Change Font on Android?

Change font on Android

If you are following us then you should know that we are discussing a lot about Android smartphones and their ability of customization. We have covered a number of articles on Android customization in our How-to section. If you have missed any then it is highly recommended to check out our How-to section because you will find some great tips …

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How to Fix Playstore No Connection Error?

Google Play Store Not Working

  Most of the people are facing “Google Playstore no connection error” lately. Though, their Internet connection is running fine but still they are facing this issue. We also encountered the same issue on our Samsung Galaxy S4 and after trying out various hit and trial methods we got rid of Playstore no connection error. Since, it is bothering most …

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Disable Touchscreen on your Windows 8.1 Laptop

Asus Transformer Book

In this article we will share a very simple step by step guide to disable touch screen on your windows 8.1 laptop. Why Disable the touch screen? Now this is a pretty good question. Here are a couple of reasons which might answer your question. Disabling the touch screen on your surface pro tablet will not be a good idea …

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Customize YourLG G3 with LG G3 TweaksBox Xposed Module

LG G3 TweaksBox

Having an Android smartphone is a bliss indeed as it offers you a lot of customizations. At present Android holds around 70% of market shares and this is mainly because of its customizable nature. Once you have the root access you can not only customize your device but you can also boost up the performance of your Android device by …

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Change Boot Animation of Motorola Device

motorola boot services

A boot animation is basically an animation displayed on the screen while your smartphone is booting. Every manufacturer and operating system has it own boot animation which you can quite easily customize. Though iPhone and windows phones might not offer you an option to change the animation but Android being highly customizable offers you the freedom of changing the boot …

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5 Rules for Texting to People for Professional Dealing

Android L Keyboard

Text messaging is the simplest and fastest way of communication. Even if you are a part of some company text messaging can help you in saving your ass. If you are going to be late for some business meeting you can just send a message “I will be 5 minutes late for the meeting”. Well, in professional dealing there are certain …

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