It is not About Megapixels – Solving Myths

iPhone 6 camera

Most of the people think that a smartphone camera with higher megapixels definitely offers high quality images. Well, it is a myth and here we are with a myth buster to ensure that you know how things work in reality.

There’s no doubt that the number of pixels have a effect on the quality of images but it does not mean that a 12MP camera will certainly be better than 8MP. Number of pixels does effect the quality of images but it mainly depends upon two different aspects. Below are the major factors which govern the image quality.

Size of Pixel:

iPhone 6 cameraAs discussed above number of pixels do not effect the quality of photos you take with your smartphone. It mainly depends on the amount of light your camera sensor can take in. So, if it is 20 MP camera but it does not take enough light then it will not have good quality images. On the other hand if 8PM can absorb more light then it will give you top notch photos. So, it mainly depends on the size of the pixels and not on the number of pixels.

Image Processing Algorithms:

The other factor which govern the quality is image processing algorithm. If your smartphone comes with a highly developed image processing algorithm then it will result in high quality images. On the other hand a poorly developed algorithm will result in too much noise and low quality images. So, go for a company which has good image processing algorithms with larger pixels.

Ideal Example:

Sony and iPhone can be quoted as the best example. Though Sony has 20.7MP camera and iPhone has 8MP camera but still iPhone is way ahead of Sony in terms of quality. iPhone uses Sony made sensors but they have great image processing algorithms which result in high quality images. Everything is now crystal clear with this simple example.

We hope now everything clear. We will get back to you with more myth busters. Keep reading SmartphoneTechie.

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    Perhaps you should update the article and include sensor size.