4 Best Fitness Apps for Android

fitnessAre you a fitness freak? Do you love to exercise to keep your body in proper shape? Well, here’s something that might interest you. Here is a list of 5 best fitness apps for android which will help you in your course of staying fit.

Zombies, Run!

Though this application is not free but it is definitely one of the best fitness apps for Android. This application is loaded with plethora of interesting missions. The basic concept of this application is to keep you fit by offering multiple missions where you have to save this planet and humans from the zombies. This application narrates the entire story with audio clips and gives you directions. It noes your distance, speed and calories burnt. At the end of every session/ mission it gives a detailed summary.

The best part about this fitness app is that it allows you to create custom missions and set targets as per your desire. This is why this applications tops our list of the best fitness apps. Buy Zombies, Run! from playstore.

MyFitnessPal Calories counter:

MyFitnessPal Calories Counter is yet another very handy fitness application for android. When you fist install this application on you Android smartphone it asks for few details about you like your age, weight, height and the amount of exercise you do daily. You even set the ideal weight what you want to achieve using this fitness application for Android. Moreover, it asks you to set your weekly goal until you reach your ideal weight. This application offers you an ideal intake of calories on daily basis and offers you to maintain your daily intake using the application. This application has a database of 3 million food items and interesting it even has most of the local foods as well. Moreoever, it allows you to enter the snacks you are eating with the help of barcode scanner. This look pretty interesting and this is why we have it on our list of best fitness apps for android. Get this great application from here.

Noom Weight Loss Coach:

Noom weight loss coach is certainly the best fitness app for android. This application is just right for the people who want to control every single calorie they take. This application also has an extensive database but it is not as big as MyFitnessPal Calories Counter. However, this application has a huge community where you can discuss your daily routine with other people and take valuable advice from them. This application also has a section for healthy recipes so do not forget to check them out. Download this application from here.


Strava is yet another fitness app for android. This application basically manages your excercise/cycling/running routine with the help of GPS. It maps your distance, speed using GPS and also tells you about the amount of calories you have burnt. This application is deeply integrated with social networks as well which allows you to set challenges with your friend for example you can set up a custom challenge for ho many miles one can run in July and results will be displayed in the form of leader board. You can download this application for free from here.

This is our list of 4 best fitness apps for android. Try them out and let us know how useful they are. If you have any other suggestion then do let us know in the comments. We will add your recommended applications in the next series.

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