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Xiaomi Mi5 Leaked before the Official Announcement

Xiaomi Mi5

Out of no where Xiaomi has appeared in the smartphone market and has posed a strong threat to companies like Samsung and Apple in China. It is believed that CEO of Xiaomi is inspired BY Steve Jobs. Hence he tries to copy him whenever company holds any official event. Moreover, you will also notice a glimpse of Apple’s iPhones look …

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Gmail Blocked in China?

Gmail blocked in China

A lot of US based companies in China are facing many issues lately. Qualcomm might face an anti-trust investigation in China which might lead to a financial set back to the company and ultimately leading to closure of its operations in the country. Software giant Microsoft also faced similar issues in China when their offices were raided and properties were …

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Symphony roar A50 – first Android One phone

Symphone Roar A50

Since the announcement of Android One in Google Android Developers Conference; Android One is gaining pace rapidly. Google is determined to offer entry level smartphones in emerging markets with software updates. Google planned to start the Android One program from India. And now we have news that we have first Android One smartphones from outside India. This is a good …

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Best 2014 Christmas Songs to Listen on your Smartphone

Christmas Songs

The Christmas season, aside from inspiring spending on gifts and food brings out all the beautiful Christmas songs to put you in the right mood. There are hundreds of songs to choose from, from different parts of the world, sang in different languages and holding different meanings. English songs however may thus far top a number of Christmas songs for …

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Vivo x5Max – World’s Thinnest Smartphone

Vivo x5Max

Did you ever think that smartphones would cross 5 mm thinness bar? Well, like us most of you would have thought that we cannot get any thinner smartphones than 5 mm. Well, it seems that most of us were wrong. Vivo has done something really awesome by introducing a 4.75mm thin smartphone. Vivoa x5Max is indeed the world’s thinnest smartphone …

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Christmas songs to Listen on your Smartphone

Christmas Songs

The holidays are here again and there is plenty to do, from shopping to visiting with family and friends. Music feels the air with beautiful melodies of Christmas songs and beautiful decorations can be found everywhere. There are a number of apps available to download beautiful Christmas songs to your smartphone in addition to websites.  With them on your phone …

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Introducing No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

no captcha

Ever visited a website looking for something important with limited time to waste only for an annoying Captcha to pop up? Well, the good news is that you may not have to deal with this annoying occurrence in case Google does go through with the new and improved authentication method known as “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. Granted, reCAPTCHA does help protect …

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How to install the Android 5.0 Lollipop on your computer

Install Android L on computer

The process of installing Android 5.0 Lollipop is divided into two parts, downloading the required files and generating the emulator. Installing the required material On your computer(32 or 64 bit), you need to download the zip file for the Android SDK. Make use of an archive manager to extract the zip file that you downloaded. Choose an appropriate location in …

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HTC One M9 release Date, Specification and Price


The HTC One M9 is set to be released soon, according to rumors. Speculations are that it will probably be released on 2-5 March 2015 to coincide with the Mobile World Congress. Since the image of the phone provided so far is basically a concept render, we can only speculate on its design and specifications. According to leaks, the HTC …

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