Cortana Coming Soon to Cyanogen OS

Cyanogen OSs

Cyanomen OS is definitely the most popular and easy to install third party ROM for Android. It came as a primary OS with One Plus One which was indeed a great breakthrough for a third part Android ROM developer and now company has partnered with Microsoft which means Cyanogen Mod will now come with a lot of Microsoft exclusive applications …

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Microsoft Lumia 830 Insanely Priced in India

Microsoft Lumia 830

According to IBN India Microsoft is all set to officially launch the newly announced “mini” flagship device Microsoft Lumia 830 in India. According to IBN this new Microsoft device will be available in India for $430 which equals to INR26,000. Now this is one of the most highly priced smartphones available in the market right now. Microsoft Lumia 830 is a …

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Nokia Lumia 830 to Offer 20MP PureView Camera

Nokia By Microsoft Llumia 830

We are hearing a number of rumours related to upcoming Nokia Lumia 830 for quite some time now. And today, we have another rumour related to the upcoming windows phone. According to leaks, Microsoft will unveil Nokia Lumia 830 at its IFA event which is scheduled for 4th September. It is confirmed that Microsoft will stick with photography craze Nokia …

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Quit Microsoft China and Get Nokia Lumia 630


With Microsoft dumping Nokia X project, the software giant decided to let go off around 18,000 employees. This decision of Microsoft was criticized by lot of people including media and now another absurd decision is under criticism. According to latest news, Microsoft China is sending out emails to its employees emails and asking to quit the job and in return …

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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Now Available for Developers

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

Few weeks back Microsoft rolled out Windows Phone 8.1 update for windows phone users and today we see another important update rolling out for Windows Phone with Developer Preview Program. The software giant has finally started rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for the customers who have enrolled themselves in the Developer Preview Program. This update is specifically for the …

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Microsoft Kills Nokia X Android Based Smartphones

Microsoft kills Nokia X series

So, just as we feared Microsoft has finally killed the Nokia X Android based smartphones series. Nokia X smartphones will be transferred to the Lumia series now and instead of Android they will Microsoft’s home made windows phone OS. Though Microsoft has not completely ditched the Nokia X series but it will no more run Android and will work under …

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Disable Touchscreen on your Windows 8.1 Laptop

Asus Transformer Book

In this article we will share a very simple step by step guide to disable touch screen on your windows 8.1 laptop. Why Disable the touch screen? Now this is a pretty good question. Here are a couple of reasons which might answer your question. Disabling the touch screen on your surface pro tablet will not be a good idea …

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Nokia Con Event to Take Place on 27 July in Japan

Nokia Con

Windows Phones are doing good in some countries but still there are regions where their performance is below par. Let’s talk about Japan, one of the largest mobile phones market but unfortunately windows phones have failed to perform in this part of the world and it only hold less than 1% of market shares. Microsoft would obviously want to increase …

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