BBM For Windows Phone: Users will get to Sign Up Next Week

BBM for Windows Phone is available for past one month but only those users are able to use it who signed up for the beta version of BBM for Windows phone. BlackBerry is trying its best to keep BBM as stand along messaging application and with the launch of BBM for IOS and Android last year this messaging application has become quite popular. Now users from other platforms can also enjoy the perks of this highly rated and popular messaging application.

Next week more windows phone users will be able to sign up for BBM. Well, if you are not sure if this strategy will work or not then we would suggest you to go few weeks back and see how this sign up strategy worked out when 10,000 people signed up for BBM within 24 hours.

The best thing about BBM for windows phone will be that it will make the most of the Windows phone UI and will offer a top notch messaging experience. Though BBm for windows phone is still in beta stage so you should not expect some bugs and issues but they will be sorted out with every update. Well, BBM for windows phone might not get all the features we see in BBM for Android and IOS but still it will offer a great messaging experience. BBM voice and stickers will soon be available for windows phone.

We will have to wait  and see how BBM works on windows phones and will BlackBerry be able to make it a huge hit on Windows phones just like other mobile platforms.

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