HTC One M8 With Windows Phone 8 is Confirmed

There is no doubt that HTC One M8 is the most beautiful looking smartphone out there and this smartphone might grab few best designed smartphone awards. This design has gained so much appreciation not only from the admirers but also from the critics that HTC is planning to come up with HTC One M8 with Windows Phone. Now this would really interesting as this would be the first instance when we would see a full aluminium body window Phone smartphone.

We have rumours suggesting that HTC is working on  Windows Phone and we might see it by the end of thus year. According to the rumours HTC is trying out its HTC One M8 with Windows Phone and testing the possibility of launching a new windows phone smartphone which will look like HTC One M8 but will run on  a different operating system.

At the moment Windows phone market is dominated by Nokia, now acquired by Microsoft, but with a premium device just like HTC One M8 running windows phone 8 might get the attention of consumers. Nokia Lumia series comes out with loads of exclusive features so the best bid to attract some windows phone users is to come out with a premium looking design and some great specifications.

So, for now we will have to wait until some official announcement.

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