How to Root LG G3 In One Minute?

LG G3 is the successor of LG G2 and is reckoned as the smartphone of the year. This smartphone has everything. You get premium looks with top notch hardware but still you can get the most out of its hardware or customize it by gaining the toot access. So, here we are once again with our How to section to discuss how to root LG G3. We have already discussed how to root LG G2. So, if you are interested in it then you can check our detailed step by step guide with tutorial here.

Root LG G3:

Rooting your Android smartphone is not always safe. You might even brick your LG G3 if you do not root it properly. So, it is important that you should read our root LG G3 guide  three to four times before carrying out the rooting process.

Thanks to our friends from XDA who have come up with this simple and effective method of rooting LG G3. So, here’s a simple guide which will allow you to root LG G3 in few minutes.

Tools you Need to Root LG G3:

  1. ioroot
  2. Latest LG Drivers

Guide to Root LG G3:

  1. Download ioroot from here. This is the tool which you will use to root LG G3
  2. After downloading ioroot extract it on your desktop
  3. Connect your LG G3 with your windows machine through a data cable
  4. Now switch your LG G3 to Airplane mode
  5. Now find the ioroot folder you extracted on your desktop. From this folder run ioroot.bat file
  6. It will run a code and few options will appear on your LG G3
  7. Select “Apply Update from ADB” and let the script run
  8. Your LG G3 will root once this process is completed

Now reboot your smartphone and download Root Checker from Playstore to see the root status of your LG G3. This process works 100% and will help you to root LG G3. So, try it and give your feedback.

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  1. Thank you som much. I was looking forward to a method which could help in rooting my LG G3 and I have it now. Thanks.

  2. This method to root LG G3 looks perfect. I have tried using towelroot but it failed!

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