15,000 Xiaomi Mi 3 Units Sold Out in 2 Seconds

As we all know Xiaomi India is now functional and last month we saw how good Xiaomi performed in India. Today we have yet another news related to Xiaomi in India. Xiaomi managed to sell 15,000 units of Xiaomi Mi 3 in India within 2 seconds. This is indeed a great news for the company and Hugo Barra the VP Xiaomi was honoured to announce this on his official Twitter account. However, the response from people were not positive as they were really pissed off for not getting the device after waiting for weeks.

These sales numbers sound quite interesting from Xiaomi point of view. There are two perspective. The first one is that Xiaomi is doing great in India and has managed to establish a good reputation in the country. The other perspective is not good from the company’s point of view. In fact it shows that Xiaomi has failed to meet the stock requirements in India and this will ultimately result in annoying millions of potential customers.

Xiaomi Mi 3 offers a great value to the money and it will definitely do a lot better in country like India but Xiaomi has to be careful because if sold out situations like this persists then this will certainly annoy the customers and will result in hatred against the company.

Let’s see how does Xiaomi cope up with this ever increasing demand of Xiaomi Mi 3 in India.

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  1. Now this is amazing and I feel that they should now focus on meeting the demand!

  2. Xiaomi is taking over the world slowly

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