Motorola Shamu (Nexus 6) Appears in Benchmark Results

Just after the success of Google Nexus 5, Google is all set to announce the new Nexus smartphone. According to latest, rumours next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by Motorola and after 2 straight years for LG Nexus smartphones Google will finally bid goodbye to LG partnership. The upcoming Nexus 6 is codenamed as Motorola Shamu and today we saw the benchmark results for the Motorola Shamu which reveal more details about the upcoming device. There are few reports suggesting that Motorola Shamu is basically Moto X+1 but there are some solid reports that it is the Nexus 6.

Since, Motorola Shamu benchmark results are pretty close to Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 therefore, it is expected that it will come with Snapdragon 801 processor. All other devices have the same processor therefore it is pretty easy for us to say that we might see Nexus 6 to come out with Snapdragon 801.

Interestingly, benchmar results also reveal very important information about the display of Motorola Shamu.  Since, LG G3 has QHD display therefore it failed to impress in the benchmark results. And the fact that Nexus 6 is way ahead of LG G3 in these results clearly hints that Google with not go for QHD display and will stick with the normal Full HD display. This is quite interesting considering the fact that QHD displays are not too great and one cannot differentiate between FHD and QHD with a human eye.

Motorola Shamu

As of now we do not have detailed information about the specifications of Motorola Shamu but according to previous leask it is expected that it have 5.9 inch display which will be too large to fall within the smartphone category. As Nexus fan we would really like to see Nexus 6 with 5 inch display as it seems just perfect.

Source: Techtastic

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